tek kullanımlık infüzyon pompası (devam)
Single-use Infusion ump
Granüller ve Çıtırlar
Single-use Infusion ump
Granüller ve Çıtırlar
Single-use Infusion ump
Granüller ve Çıtırlar
Single-use Infusion ump
Granüller ve Çıtırlar
Single-use Infusion ump
Granüller ve Çıtırlar
Single-use Infusion ump

Product’s character and usage

  • This product is disposable medical equipment use for clinical ease-pain treatment, relieve or lenitive pain. It is adapt the tensility of the silicon tube as its momentum, control the minim drop by the capillary, to make sure a security, efficient equality ease-pain infusion.
  • This product is used for continuance minim infusion during clinical treatment.

Use Instruction

  • Pick out the infusion pump from the sterilized package.
  • Get off the cap from the “add medicine”, clip the water-stop, infuse the prepared medicine by syringe into the liquid bursa stocker.
  • If the “add medicine” is one-way design, when medicine return is needed, pick out the medicine-return adaptor from the sterilized package, connect the medicine-return adaptor with the syringe, insert into the “add medicine” to return the medicine.
  • When adding medicine, please make sure there is no air in syringe, then infuse the medicine. If there is air in bursa, you can turn round and take out all the air (as the bursa can exhaust itself. If there is few air, it can exclude after 1~2 hours later.)
  • After added medicine, open the water-stop, move the orange protective card, and press the self-control button(CPA) 1~2 times, for expedite the flow into the pipeline. When the medicine flow from the end, please clip the leakage-protector and screw the cover for use next time.
  • The PCA button is the function button that the patient can control the additional medicine when it continuance infusion the medicine. So, the patient can use press the PCA button to add the medicine with doctor’s instruction if he need.
  • The flux will be a little fast (within the standard scope) when it begin to use in 1~2 houses. That is decided by the physical characters of silicone bursa. 8.In the conditions temperature(23 ± 2)℃, relative humidity(50 ± 5) % and atmospheric pressure in 86 kpa ~ 106 kpa, the product is made from purified water or distilled water for liquid medium for parallel infusion, mean flow rate for nominal flow rate±15%. Ⅳ、Specific and type SZB-CX SZB-CZ Illuminate CX——continuance infusion(CBI) CZ——continuance + self-control infusion(CBI+PCA) Nominal volume 100、150、200、275 Nominal flow rate (ml/hr.) 2、3、4、5、6、8、10、12 Nominal bolus(ml/every time) 0.5 Nominal blus refill time(min) 15 Residual volume <10% Ⅴ、cons The product is composed by single valve add medicine set, elasticity bursa stocker set, medicine liquid filter, bounds flux set, self-control infusion (it could be without), pipeline and conical connectors etc. truction

Things To Pay Attention

  • This product was sterilized by EO, it’s virgin, no pyrogen. Sterilization useful-life is 2 years.
  • Before the package broken, its virgin, no pyrogen.
  • For single use only, discard after use according to the local laws and regulations.
  • Once if the package was broken, forbid use.
  • Please read the instruction before use, for make sure patient’s security.
  • Before add medicine, please infuse the physiological brine needed for dilute the medicine, then add the medicine, for fear the un-diluted medicine flow into the pump pipeline.
  • Please infuse the stated dosage when use this product, do not over infuse, or it will effect the cure purpose.
  • Product contains DEHP.
  • Product should not be storage and infusion soluble liquid and drug such as fat emulsion, should not be infusion liquid medicine which is light sensitive.
  • Product is banned for infusion drugs which is PVC incompatible.
  • Clinical medical staff should pay attention to: " the high-risk population such as the newborn and the preadolescent men, pregnancy and lactation women should try to choose alternative products".
  • According to the material home and aboard, clinical medical staff should pay attention to PVC pipe and infusion drugs interact then lead to efficacy change.

Please contact for high capacity orders

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